Two Day National Level Workshop On "National Education Policy 2020-Accreditation" February 6th and 7th 2023


 मराठी विभाग1945 साली मराठी विभाग सुरू झाला. पदवीपर्यंतचे शिक्षण (बी.ए.-मराठी) तसेच मुद्रित शोधन आणि संपादन हा विद्यापीठ मान्यता प्राप्त प्रमाणपत्र अभ्यासक्रम विभागात घेतला जातो. विद्यार्थांना व्यवसाय प्रशिक्षण मिळावे आणि ज्ञान निर्मितीच्या प्रक्रियेमध्ये सहभागी होता यावे, या उद्देशाने राज्य मराठी विकास संस्था, मुंबई आणि तेजोमय प्रकाशन]सोलापूर यांचीशी विभागानेसामंजस्य करार केले आहे.
          विभागाला वैभवशाली परंपरा आहे. अनेक प्रतिभावान लेखक विभागात कार्यरत होते. प्रा.त्र्यं.वि. सरदेशमुख यांना 2005 साली साहित्य अकादमी पुरस्कार प्राप्त झाला. डॉ. वि.म. कुलकर्णी, डॉ. शं.गो. तुळपुळे, प्रा. प्रभाकर पुजारी, डॉ. नरेंद्र कुंटे, डॉ. सौ. सुमती निरगुडे हे विद्वान प्राध्यापक मराठी विभागात कार्यरत होते. सध्या कार्यरत डॉ.राजशेखर शिंदे, डॉ. देविदास गायकवाड यांनी यु.जी.सी. अनुदान प्राप्त बृहत् व लघु प्रकल्प पूर्ण केले आहेत.
          सृजनात्मक क्षमता विकसित करण्यासाठी मराठी वाड़ःमय मंडळ चालविले जाते व त्यामार्फत विभागात विद्वानाची व्याख्याने आयोजित केली जातात. विद्याथ्र्यांना प्रत्यक्षिक म्हणून लेखक कलावंताच्या मुलाखती घेण्याचेही नियोजन केले जाते. विभागाची निकालाची परंपरा थोर आहे. 2015-16 मध्ये श्री.नागनाथ शिंदे यांनी मराठी विषयांत सुवर्णपदाकासह कला व ललित कला विद्याशाखेमध्ये विद्यापीठात प्रथम येण्याचा मान मिळवला .



College Library:

A college is considered as an academic institution of higher learning offering three-year degree courses. In colleges, the library occupies a prominent position and it is an important and integral part of the teaching programme. It is not merely a depository of books, but an active workshop instrument in the production of or original thinking. The aim of college education and college libraries in inter-related. College library extends opportunities for self-education to the deserving and enthusiastic students without any distinction. These libraries develop in each student a sense of responsibility in the pursuit of knowledge. College library stimulates the students to obtain, evaluate and recognize knowledge and to familiarize themselves with the trends of knowledge for further education and learning new disciplines.


Sr.No Course Name Start Year Duration (Year) Type Intake (Capacity)
1 BA 1996 3 Full Time 60

News & Event

Grace Them With Gifts

Occasions Like Teacher’s Day Tend To Remain Incomplete Without Tokens. Giving Thoughtful Gifts To Teachers Is One Of The Best Ways To Appreciate Them For All Valuable Lessons And Support. Because A Teacher Awakens Joy In Creative Expression And Knowledge, Reciprocating It, In The Same Manner, Seems To Be The Viable Option—handcraft gifts For Teacher’s Day with Love. You Can Make A Vase For Them To Keep The Flowers Received On This Day, A Pen Stand And Chalk Holder, Bookmarks, Dream Catchers, Greeting Cards. Whatever You Wish To Give, Make Sure It Is Handmade Just For Them. Because Of The Present Times, Deliver The Tokens At Their Homes.

Organize Fun Games

Teacher’s Day Is Their Day, So Let Them Have Some Fun. Organize Funny Games For Teacher's Day Party. Plan A Meet With Them And Play These Games, Keeping Social Distancing In Mind. You Can Organize The Male Vs Female Game Where The Males Have To Fold A Saree In 30 Seconds, And The Females Have To Knot A Tie In 30 Seconds. Another Engaging Game Is To Ask Them To Pick A Chit And They Have To Perform The Activity Written On The Chit. You Can Write Activities Like Sing A Song, Dance, Imitate Another Teacher, Etc. Other Game Choices Include Memory Test, Longest Pencil Flake (sharpening Pencil Without Breaking The Flake), Hit The Target, Equation Tambola Game ( Tambola Ticket That Has Equations).


Sr.No Class Syllabus File
1 FY pdf
2 B.A. Part-II pdf
3 B.A. Part-I pdf

Results Analysis

Sr.No Academic Year Class Total Student Total Pass Total Fail % of Passing
1 2014-2015 Sy BA 60 60 00 100%
2 2014-2015 Fy BA 100 75 25 75 %

Research Area

Sr.No Name of The Guide Recognition Letter No Subject
1 Dr. Mukund Malpani SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/2016/9284-30Sept2018 Marathi
2 Dr. D.R.Gaikwad SUS/BCUD/PGBUTR/2016/9284-30Sept2016 Marathi

Publication of Research Papers

Sr.No Name of The Author Title of Paper Name of Journal With ISSN/ ISBN No., Impact Factor, Page no., Volume, With Year
1 Dr.R.V.Shinde Indian literature-An Indeginious Literary form Golden research thoughts ISSN-2221-5063 IF-1.9508(UIF) JAN.2014

Research Scholars

Sr.No Student Name Guide Name Registration No Research Topic
1 Mr.Khairadi I.M Dr. T.N. Kolekar 458958923 Social Realism in ChamanNahal’s Novels

Research Facilities

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Research Projects

Sr.No Staff Name Project Title Funding Agency Grant Sections Status Major/Minor
1 Dr Mukund Malpani P.L. Deshpande: Complet Work Maha. Rajya Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal, Mumbai 600000 Completed on July 2017 Major
2 Dr R.V.Shinde P.L. Deshpande: Complet Work Maha. Rajya Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal, Mumbai 540000 Completed on July 2015 Major

Activity Reports

Sr.No Year Report File
1 2015-2016 pdf
2 2014-2015 pdf


Sr.No Title File
1 Circuit Simulation and PCB Design II pdf
2 Circuit Simulation and PCB Design pdf