मराठा विद्या प्रसारक समाज.

जी.एम.डी. कला,बी .डब्लू वाणिज्य आणि विज्ञान महाविद्यालय, सिन्नर

Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj.

G.M.D. Arts, B.W. Commerce And Science College, Sinnar


Department of Zoology has established Rearing culture of Honey bees at college campus in 2019-20. It’s one of the commercial programme developments for learning Knowledge of students of department.


Importance of this project by development of zoology develops Apiculture unit as a part of developing awareness among students of S.Y.B.Sc.Zoology.
 Our S.Y.B.Sc Students Under the Course Applied Zoology in Syllabus Contents entire Apiculture study is available so for Students support and progression purpose this unit is developed so far as importance of Apiculture unit is concern students obtained knowledge about rearing honey bees in artificial Bee boxes and with the help of this technology they get knowledge about plant pollination Bee products importance of Apiculture informing and its social acceptance.


Commercial Uses

 Commercially apiculture technology is valuable for farmers and students of zoology as well as life sciences. On commercial basis from Honey bees the education and commercial sector obtain maximum economy with help of development in apiculture practices and earned back maximum.


These projects goes to obtain so many products as commercial level  that is Honey, Wax, Bee glue, Royal Jelly, Pollen grains. Bee venom propolis.etc.

Biological Importance

Polination of crop plants.

It is blood purifier.

Entomo Phillous pollination.