मराठा विद्या प्रसारक समाज.

जी.एम.डी. कला,बी .डब्लू वाणिज्य आणि विज्ञान महाविद्यालय, सिन्नर

Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj.

G.M.D. Arts, B.W. Commerce And Science College, Sinnar


Bachelors of Vocational

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree with multiple exits such as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. The B.Voc. Programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles and their NOSs alongwith broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc. To make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge.


  • To provide judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of General Education.
  • To ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills, so that they are work ready at each exit point of the programme.
  • To provide flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points.
  • To integrate NSQF within the undergraduate level of higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates and meet industry requirements. Such graduates apart from meeting the needs of local and national industry are also expected to be equipped to become part of the global workforce.
  • To provide vertical mobility to students coming out of 10+2 with vocational subjects.


 Sr. No.

    Course  Name

   Course Type




Food Processing and Preservation

 Under Graduation




Livestock Production and Management

 Under Graduation










  • Food Technologist, Lab Technician,
  • Government services (,Food Safety Officer, Food Inspector, FDA, FSSAI)
  • Food Service Institution like (Hotels and Restaurants, Canteens )
  • Government Schemes (PMKSY Schemes like Mega Food Parks,
  • Industry- Production Manager, R &D, Microbiologist, Plant Supervisor
  • Food wholesalers. Retailers,
  • Assistant Professor, Lecturer in Teaching Institute.
  • Self-Employment  (Food Wholesalers, Retailers,)


Job Opportunities

    1. Manager Animal Farm
    2. Partner, Assistant to Practitioners
    3. Pharmacy Research Scientists
    4. Private Practice
    5. Self-Employment - Entrepreneur in L.S. Farms
    6. Poultry Farms etc
    7. Senior Medical Representative
    8. Veterinarian / Veterinary Doctor
    9. Veterinary Technologists and Technician


Miss. Aher Pranali Ashok

Qualification : M.Sc( Nutrition and Food Processing)
Designation :  Assistant Professor
Experience : 04
E-mail :
Mobile :8805899394




Dr. Monali Bhaskar Wakchaure

Qualification : Masters in Veterinary Science
Designation :  Assistant Professor
Experience : 03 Years 
E-mail :
Mobile :7775977245

Ms. Anuja Laxaman Chandore

Qualification : M.Sc. food Technology
Designation :  Assistant Professor
Experience : 01 year
E-mail :
Mobile :9689819551



Sr.No Course Name Start Year Duration (Year) Type Intake (Capacity)
1 Food Processing and Preservation 2018 03 Full Time 50
2 Live-stock Production and Management 2018 03 Full Time 50

News & Event

B.Voc Inaugral Function Of B.Voc Laboratory

1. Food Processing And Preservation 
2. Livestock Production And Management
Date-  4th February 2020

Cheif Guest - Hon. Smt. Nileematai Vasantrao Pawar

(The Sarchitnis, MVP Samaj, Nashik)


Feild Visit

Parag Milk Foods, Manchar

Students Of FPP And LPM


Mr. Amol Sadashiv Gurkul

student Of B.Voc. LPM Selected In


Student Participation In YOUNG INDIA NUTRITION CONTEST, 2022

a National Level Competition Organised By The Council For Promotion , Research And Trade In Traditional Foods (CPRTTF) during Poshan Mahasaptah Celebrations In The Month Of September,2022

Name Of The Student-Akanksha Avhad (T.Y.B.Voc FPP)
Name Of The Dish : Kelphool Bhaji
Name Of The Student - Sarika Kakad (T.Y.B.Voc FPP)
Name Of The Dish : Ghol Bhaji Thalipeeth


Sr.No Class Syllabus File
1 T.Y.B.Voc. FPP pdf
2 S.Y.B.Voc. FPP pdf
3 F.Y.B.Voc. FPP pdf
4 Fy, Sy, Ty B.Voc. LPM pdf

Results Analysis

Sr.No Academic Year Class Total Student Total Pass Total Fail % of Passing
1 2021-22 T.Y.B.Voc. LPM 06 06 00 100
2 2021-22 T.Y.B.Voc. FPP 21 21 00 100

Research Papers

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Article/ Paper Name of the Journal Vol. No. & Page No / Month and Year Whether you are the main Author No. of Coauthors’ ISSN No. Impact Factor UGC-CARE/Scopus/Web of Science Link


Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Book Name of Chapter Editor/Author Co-Author(s) Name of the Publisher Month, Year ISBN No. Link


Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Patent National/ International Patent No. Funding Agency Details of Patent Link

Research Projects

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Project Funding Agency Grant Sections Duration Project Status Letter

Consultancy / Collaboration

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Project Funding Agency Grant Sections Duration Project Status Letter


Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Award /Fellowship Name of the Institute Whether International/National Date of Award Letter

Research Guidance

Sr.No Name Designation M.Phil/Ph.D Name of the Scholar Title of the Topic/ Thesis Submitted/ Awarded(Pls. Specify Name of the University Month and Year Letter


Sr.No Name Designation Party 1 Name Party 2 Name Date of MoU From Date To Date Letter

Paper Presentation

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Paper Presented Title of Seminar/Conference With Date Organized By Whether International/National/ State University Level Date Letter

Activity Reports

Sr.No Year Report File
1 2021-2022 pdf
2 2021-2022 pdf
3 2021-2022 pdf
4 2021-2022 pdf
5 2019-20 pdf
6 2019-20 pdf
7 2020-21 pdf
8 2019-20 pdf
9 2019-20 pdf
10 2021-2022 pdf
11 2021-22 pdf
12 2021-22 pdf


Sr.No Title File