Our Mission

  1. To impart holistic education that blends Vedic values and scientific outlook to expand the frontiers of knowledge
  2. To empower the poor and down-trodden sections of society
  3. To acquaint the students with yoga and Vedic knowledge
  4. To imbibe the spirit of gender equality, importance of physical, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and cultural well beings
  5. To offer job-oriented, real-life and skill based education
  6. To create awareness about global challenges
  7. To inculcate self-discipline, self-reliance and self-respect
  8. To develop research culture
  9. To instill in young minds a sense of national pride and patriotism


Our Vision

  1. To impart quality and skill-oriented education based on Vedic Values and Modern science
  2. To create compassionate hearts and global minds
  3. To infuse social and environmental awareness
  4. To ignite latent talents


  1. To Create Ample Opportunities For The Poor And Down-trodden Sections Of Society Through Scholarship, Fees Concessions And Free Library Access
  2. To Arrange Carrier-oriented Short-term Courses, Competitive Exams, Campus Placements And MoUs With Various Institutions
  3. To Organize Lectures, Workshops And Seminars To Create Gender Equality Awareness Among Students
  4. To Conduct Dharmashiksha Pariksha, Yoga Programs And Vedic Exhibitions
  5. To Motivate The Teachers To Avail Research Grants And To Provide Seed-money To The Teachers For Research
  6. To Help Poor And Needy Students By Offering Non-government Scholarship And Through Dayanand Earn While Learn Scheme.