शैक्षणिक वर्ष २०२४-२०२५ साठीचे ,प्रथम वर्ष कला ,वाणिज्य ,विज्ञान ,संगणकशास्त्र ,बी.व्होक प्रवेश सुरु , Admission for M.Sc-I( Organic Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Geography) stsrts from18 june 2024-For more details visit the respective department

मराठा विद्या प्रसारक समाज.

जी.एम.डी. कला,बी .डब्लू वाणिज्य आणि विज्ञान महाविद्यालय, सिन्नर

NAAC accredited ‘B++’ Grade with (CGPA 2.76) Best College Award by SPPU in 2012 ISO 9001:2015 Certified College

Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj.

G.M.D. Arts, B.W. Commerce And Science College, Sinnar

NAAC accredited ‘B++’ Grade with (CGPA 2.76) Best College Award by SPPU in 2012 ISO 9001:2015 Certified College


Princ.Dr. Rasal Pundlik Vitthal


Qualification :M.A(Sychology) , Ph.D , LLB
Designation :  Principal
Experience : 34 Years
E-mail : rasalpundlik@gmail.com
Mobile :

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Arsule Nivedita Laxman


Qualification : M.A(psychology)
Designation :  Assistant Professor
Experience : 1 Years
E-mail : niveditaarsule@gmail.com
Mobile :8806700524



Sr.No Course Name Start Year Duration (Year) Type Intake (Capacity)
1 B.A (Psychology) 2023 3 Full time 120

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Results Analysis

Sr.No Academic Year Class Total Student Total Pass Total Fail % of Passing
1 2022-23 FYBA 12 11 0 91.66

Research Papers

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Article/ Paper Name of the Journal Vol. No. & Page No / Month and Year Whether you are the main Author No. of Coauthors’ ISSN No. Impact Factor UGC-CARE/Scopus/Web of Science Link File
1 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Study of Psychodynamic Aspects in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactiviy:A Descriptive Study Indian Journal of Social Sciences and Literature Studies Vol-08,Issue-I ,March 2022 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2455-0973 - Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal - pdf
2 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Mental Health and Death Anxiety among Institutionalized and Non-Institutionalized Senior Citizen in Relation to Gender Review of Research Vol-04, Issue-12, Sept-2015 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2249-894X 3.1402 Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal - pdf
3 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Importance and Use of ICT in Social Science Research Research Journey - Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2248-7143 3.452 Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal - pdf
4 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal A Comparative study of Values of Teachers Teaching to Normal Students and Challenged Studies Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies Vol-3,May-2016 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2278-8808 4..889 Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal - pdf
5 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Role of Counselling for wellbeing of senior Citizens International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol-2,Issue 4,April 2016 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2455-2070 5.22 Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal - pdf
6 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Conservation Psychology is an Emerging Trend of Psychology for Biodiversity Conservation GOEIIRJ Vol-IV, January 2016 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2278-5639 - Peer-Reviewed Journal - pdf
7 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Mental Health of School Children:Test Construction and Development Vidyawarta Vol-01,Pg.No-45-50,March 2018 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2319-9318 5.131 UGC Approved - pdf
8 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Psychological Coping in Pregnancy Metal Health and Todays Challenges - Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - - 5.011 UGC Approved - pdf
9 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Optimism as a Predictor of Psychological well-being among working and non-working women Indian Journal of Community Psychology Vol-15,Issue-II, Septrmber 2019 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 0974-2719 - UGC-CARE http://www.ijcpind.com/ pdf
10 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Impact of Parenting Style on Mental Health of Adolescents Journal of The Gujarat Research Society Vol-21 ,Issue-14, December2019 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 0374-8588 - UGC-CARE https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/WebA/SearchList pdf
11 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal The Significance of Psychological Empowerment of Women Our Heritage Vol-67,Issue-2,Jully-December 2019 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 0474-9030 - UGC-CARE https://archives.ourheritagejournal.com/index.php/oh pdf
12 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Quality of life ,Work-life Balanceand Occupational Stress among Male and Female Police Constables Kanpur Philosophers Vol-VIII,Issue-I:2021 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V - 2348-8301 - UGC-CARE https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/WebA/ViewDetails?JournalId=101051315&flag=Search pdf


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Paper Presentation

Sr.No Name Designation Title of the Paper Presented Title of Seminar/Conference With Date Organized By Whether International/National/ State University Level Date Letter
1 Prin.Dr.Rasal. Pundlik.V Principal Inter-Personal Management Competency among Male Offenders Psychological Contributions in Sustainable Human Development in Sports,Organizations and Community Health V.P.S.P.M.S Arts,Commerce & Science College,Kannad,Aurangabad National 22021-02-11 pdf

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